Your Data is Valuable — Protect It

Thieves coming after your money is easy to understand. But why would someone target your data? 

Many people don’t think of protecting data such as their email address, phone number or personal ID number. But these simple pieces of information are often valuable targets for attackers. All forms of data are valuable in one way or another: a phone number, for example, can help an attacker impersonate someone and search for more connected identity information.

Protect your data and the data of others that you may handle. You can do this by never giving out information to anyone without explicit permission. Knowledge is your best defense: be aware of the different ways attackers can target your data and the various tricks that they use to convince you to hand it over. 

When in doubt, always double-check with your manager! In the rough-and-tumble world of the Wild Wild Net, anything could be an attack, and your data is often the target.

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