The Smart Way to Handle Smart Devices

Smartphones, smart appliances, smart homes … Is there anything that isn’t smart? Well, it turns out that relying on smart devices isn’t always that smart.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the new frontier in networking. Smart devices have internet capability, enabling them to network with computers, phones and each other. The purpose is to share data, making your life easier. Unfortunately, that data is not always secure.

The joker in the deck is the newness of the tech. Smart devices contain computing technology, but they aren’t always created and issued by companies that specialize in computers. Many smart devices ship with little or no security protocols. 

IoT devices have already been implicated in several high-profile data breaches. Attackers can exploit weak cybersecurity and default passwords to break into the device. Then, once they have that access, they can leapfrog to the wider network and the other devices there.

When it comes to smart devices, the smartest thing to do is keep them safe and separate. Research the device’s security settings and credentials, and make sure that you’re using new, unique, strong passwords on each device. In the world of the Wild Wild Net, attacks can come from unexpected devices … and that smart device could be your worst enemy.

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