Quantity Discounts & Pricing for WooCommerce

Quantity Discounts & Pricing for WooCommerce

Package Description

WooCommerce quantity discounts plugin allows to create product based discounts as well as cart based discounts. With product based discount rule you can offer discount on products’ quantity ranges or set price per product quantity. It creates a pricing table to set discounts on various quantity ranges, creates multiple rules to set different discount offers on various products, and applies each rule to various products and categories to save time.

Using cart based discount rule you can provide a discount in cart totals on the cart page. You can provide a discount based on the quantity of total cart items. Option add multiple conditions which customers have to meet to avail cart discount.

You can also set offer discounts to specific user roles—a useful feature for B2B stores. With WooCommerce quantity discounts plugin, you can provide fixed or percentage discounts or set discounted prices. The extension displays the pricing table on product pages that encourages customers to increase their order quantities to get valuable discounts.

Starting Price Breakdown

$55.00 / year

The contents of this package are listed below and may include customizable features that may change the final price.  The total price will be displayed at the bottom of the page before adding to the cart.  

This Package Includes the Following Components.