Microsoft Changes Licensing

Recently Microsoft has announced that their licensing agreement has changed. In the past customers have been able to change licenses at any time. Microsoft will keep that option, but now there will be a charge for the convenience of starting or stopping at any time. To keep the monthly price from before users will need to sign on for a full year of service.
Microsoft is also enforcing a 72 hour cancellation window. With Monthly options there is a 20% increase in the price. The 12-month subscription term is less flexible, but 20% cheaper. The price is locked until the end of the subscription term. But you don’t need to pay the full subscription fee at once, it can be paid one month at a time.
The Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) offers new features as well including Multi-Geo which allows Microsoft 365 “subscribers to provision and store data in different geographical locations but retain centralized administration of users and groups form a single Azure Active Directory tenant.” It also offers Hybrid Use Benefit which allows organizations to to further capitalize on their Microsoft investment. Home Use Program – which allows Microsoft 365 Family or Personal to be used on personal devices at a discounted rate.

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