Advertising Through AR – A Breakthrough in Marketing

The Next Big Thing 

 Every few years, some new technology comes along to completely change the face of how businesses interact with their customers. Around 20 years ago, digital mediums were non-existent, but in the last 10 years they have become the primary means of interacting with customers, whether through social media or website based marketing. Its safe to say that digital marketing is the most powerful medium by which to reach customers now and a new technology is further changing the face of digital marketing. Augmented Reality (AR) technology is being used by businesses to reach their customers and even help them sell with an automated sales person. 


Next Generation Ad Medium 

 Since the television came into our homes, video advertising has become one of the most popular means of advertising, with more possibilities than static design ads. Now, AR, with its 3D feel and real world interaction capabilities is set to take the world of advertising and marketing by storm. 

 Consult your technology service provider regarding the AR process and how it can be integrated with your business needs. A Managed Services Provider (MSP) will be able to let you know the different ways AR can be used and deployed in the market. This technology has been used to create online showrooms that allow customers to see themselves in dresses, and how furniture fits into their home. The increased interaction has been so effective that a customers are 70% more likely to return to the online store for future purchases. 


Increasingly Feasible Technology 

 AR technology has become feasible now because of the general availability of smartphones. AR toys, advertisements, product displays, etc. are becoming increasingly popular. Your MSP can help you set-up AR technology so that you can reach out to your potential customers in a way that very few business have looked into. Business computer providers can help you get the hardware you need to set up the IT infrastructure you need for AR technology. 


Use Managed Services To Ride AR Wave 

 Managed services will help you create a scalable environment for your services, keeping your AR resources running seamlessly round the clock. The creativity will come from you, but making sure that the technicalities behind delivering it are in the capable hands of a managed IT services provider. Software required to create AR and then deploy it are rife with licensing issues at present since the technology is still not considered mainstream and the creators of the software that run it are still in the early stages of their business development. 

 Managed services make IT easier and give you a clear picture of how to approach technology from a technology perspective. Many businesses struggle to scale up their processes in the long term due to a poor IT foundation. Managed IT services give you the assurance that if you have a feasible idea, it can be implemented in a cost effective manner that will serve you for years to come. 

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