Complete Web Hosting & Management


Our approach is not “set it and forget it”.  Our complete managed hosting is a proactive approach to maintain and protect high performance, and highly secure web sites.  We regularly monitor and blacklist IP addresses to prevent brute force and denial of service attacks.  We monitor for unexpected changes to the web site and back it up regularly.  We also install updates and patches regularly to make sure your site stays online and fully functional at all times.

Complete Web Hosting
Hosting and Management
4GB SSD Storage
40GB Monthly Bandwidth
Up to 3 Parked Domains
Up to 3 SQL Databases
Security Features
Enhanced Firewall
Limit Login Attempts
Patch Management
Weekly Backups
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Complete Web Hosting & Management

$115.00 / month

Our Complete Managed Hosting includes 4GB SSD Storage, 40GB monthly bandwidth, up to 3 parked domains, and up to 3 SQL Databases.  Unlike our competitors, we completely manage your hosting account to protect you and your customers against malware and hacking attempts.  We include active firewall and monitoring of your site as well as patch management.  That means at least once per month, we log in and update the plugins and software on your site to minimize vulnerabilities.  Finally, we back everything up at least once per week and retain at least 3 revisions of your site.

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