Wondering what the life saver is for?

Wondering what the life saver is for?

In case you were wondering what the orange and white life preserver is for, we’ve rolled out a new version of our iSAFE security software which includes the new iSAFE Support icon.  When you mouse over the icon it should say, “iSAFE Support”.

When you left click on the icon you will have several options including the ability to visit our web site, check your subscription, email us a screen shot and submit a support ticket right from your desktop.

As time goes on we can add or change the options as needed, and if you’re an iSAFE Complete Support subscriber, we can create handy links for internal tasks and needs as well.

The icon is located down in the notifications area next to the clock and should be hidden by default.  To show the icon just click the up arrowhead to the left of the clock.  Then click on the icon and select your options.  It should look something like this…

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