Impact of Increasing Data Breaches

Impact of Increasing Data Breaches

Impact of increasing data breaches by large companies

Last Wednesday, Amazon revealed that the personal information of some of its customers was compromised, with names and email addresses being disclosed due to what was deemed a technical error. This is the latest in a long line of breaches that have been plaguing IT activity over the past few years. After major breaches like Target, Anthem, Ebay which went into the millions of compromised accounts. Even Yahoo suffered a data breach that compromised an estimated 3 billion customer records.

Hackers Grow Bolder, Getting Better Tech

In this day and age where hackers with malicious intent are common and in some cases, even sponsored by state level infrastructure, it is dangerous to be a data handler. With data protection laws coming into force all over the world, all organizations are required to notify consumers of breaches and put in measures to protect data. Failing to do so results in a loss of trust and reputation and the risk of liability from misuse of compromised accounts.

Managed IT Services To Protect Your Business

Using a managed IT service allows you to have professionals well versed with the latest trends in security and data protection to keep a keen eye on your processes. An MSP has significant experience in developing and enforcing the IT security policies that make your business resistant to data breaches. The above breaches are not necessarily a result of poor technological implementation. More often than not, a data breach is a result of either a policy violation or a poorly charted out policy.

Why Hire an MSP?

While in-house IT teams are still a very powerful part of your organization, the nature of their work becomes more localized and their proactivity with regards to finding out how to improve the infrastructure in a scalable manner can take a hit in this isolated environment. A technology service provider is always on the lookout for better ways of doing things. The exposure of an MSP to multiple industries and technologies makes it one of the best options to keeping your IT infrastructure secure, scalable and efficient.

IT Infrastructure For Tomorrow, Today

A business computer service provider looks at IT from the viewpoints of scalability, security, alignment to business process and cost effectiveness. Working closely with your technology service provider will allow you to create policies that do not interfere with your business needs while keeping the standard IT checks and balances in place. Whether it is hardware based practices or software, an MSP is an ideal partner in ensuring you do not suffer from negligence based data breaches.

Managed services come with a host of important protocols for testing and optimization which are an important part of the IT process. Without sufficient testing and optimization, the chances that your software and hardware will produce a security weakness are quite high. The lack of testing can also bring down the quality of your interaction with customers if it results in a buggy interface. The assurance that all this and more will be taken care of while you focus on the business is the primary benefit of using a managed service for your business.

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