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Hierarchy of IT Security

When thinking about IT Security, the list of management tasks can be overwhelming.  We’ve put together a simple list of protections that should be included in every cybersecurity plan.   Managed IT Services A quality managed service provider will assume responsibility for the security of the

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The Smart Way to Handle Smart Devices

Smartphones, smart appliances, smart homes … Is there anything that isn’t smart? Well, it turns out that relying on smart devices isn’t always that smart. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the new frontier in networking. Smart devices have internet capability, enabling them to

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Your Data is Valuable — Protect It

Thieves coming after your money is easy to understand. But why would someone target your data?  Many people don’t think of protecting data such as their email address, phone number or personal ID number. But these simple pieces of information are often valuable targets for

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Social Engineering — And All Its Moving Parts

Sometimes, the most powerful tool is a word. Social engineers know that, and they use that tool to bypass all of the automatic protections and preplanned procedures you have in place. A persuasive lie can get an attacker further than a dozen hacking tricks. Fighting

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The Many Forms of Malware

Malware comes in many forms … and many disguises. Variants include computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits and ransomware, but it all comes down to the same thing: malicious software invading your machine. The main purpose of malware is to steal money, data, access and

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Fishing and Phishing

Fishing is the art of dangling bait to catch a meal. Phishing is the art of dangling bait to catch a person. Phishers will impersonate friends, families, companies or authorities and dangle offers or threats to attract attention. Then, when someone takes that bait, the

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5 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring IT Managers

Your business needs help to run your IT systems. Security, backups, connectivity – they need to be managed. So you decide to employ someone, but do you know anything about hiring IT managers? The average IT manager’s salary is $87,849 per year. Roles vary from network administrators

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