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Zoom Updates with 5.0

Zoom announced today that they have reached a key milestone in their 90 day plan to increase security. With increased traffic to their site and more users than ever, Zoom has quickly stepped up to address any concerns its users may have, including security issues.

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Is Zoom Trustworthy?

In light of the current lockdown situation, many people all over the country have been turning to video conferencing platforms to replace face to face communications. The most popular platform right now is called Zoom and there have been a lot of articles published in

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Home Office Printing and Scanning

In this article I’m going to give you a few printing and scanning options that I think are the best solution to the issue at hand.  I should also include in this article for those who may be reading it years from now that this

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Work From Home Survival Guide

In this article I want to give you a few resources that we recommend to allow you and your team to work efficiently from home, and how you can prepare yourself for the future if we are ever faced with something like this again.  If

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