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Basic Strategies for Business Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or online marketing is the business process of advertising and promoting your products and services with the end goal of fostering relationships with clients and satisfying them over the Internet. At the dawn of the digital age, the internet has transformed more than

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Managed IT Services and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Dynamic Business Environment Business is constantly evolving, with newer, cheaper and more effective ways of delivering goods and services constantly being developed and put into practice. Many times, entire markets have changed because of a new entrant coming in with a few tweaks in business

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Don’t Panic! Meltdown and Spectre Update

You’ve probably heard by now about the huge security blunder by Intel and other computer processor manufacturers referred to as “Meltdown” and “Spectre”.  After the information hit the news on January 4th, 2018, the media and the technology world has been in a bit of

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New web site tech threatens your security!

Some web sites are now utilizing behavior analysis scripts to track your every move on their sites.  While Google Analytics and others provide web site owners a general overview of visitors and their behaviors, this new technology is designed to track every mouse click, keystroke,

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Time to Start Preparing for TAXES!

The dreaded tax season is upon us and I’m already hearing from some customers that it looks like this year’s payout is going to be BIG.  NOW might be the right time to reduce the tax bill by purchasing qualifying equipment and software that you

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3 “Techie” Reasons You Can Be Thankful This Season

1.)  Cyber Thieves Keep A-Knockin’ But They Can’t Come In. A study presented at the International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks showed that small-business networks are attacked every 39 seconds by some type of hacker or malicious software. Thankfully, having the proper firewall and

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Watch out for Holiday Scams!

As the holiday season approaches, online shopping, and the general good will of people desiring to help others is expected to give rise to increased cyber security threats.  Unfortunately, there are hackers and scam artists all over the world just waiting to take advantage of

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The REAL Cost of Downtime

Unfortunately with computer technology downtime seams to be a fact of life.  Let’s face it, if technology worked like it was supposed to work all the time, the need for IT service companies would cease to exist.  So in that regard, I’m glad there is

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