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How to Manage Passwords and Protect Your Company

Bad password management can greatly increase the risk that someone outside of your company will gain access to your accounts. A hacking attempt happens every 39 seconds, according to the University of Maryland. This is even more pertinent if you have suffered data breaches in

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3 Tips to Find Managed IT Service Providers

Only 16 percent of business owners in the United States think they are at risk of a cyber-attack. Failing to realize the dangers lurking around every corner on the Internet can put your business at a disadvantage. Instead of waiting until disaster strikes to take action,hiring a

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Top 3 Ways To Recover From A Human-Induced Disaster

Disaster recovery is becoming more and more important to small businesses and each company needs to have disaster recovery solutions in place. Disasters like earthquakes, fire, tsunamis, and tornadoes are quite common in several parts of the world but these are all natural disasters. Unfortunately,

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Maintaining Cyber Security in a Culture of HIPAA Compliance

Each day, citizens trust the health care industry with sensitive information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ensures all patient information is safe and secure. This can be a trying task in a world where information is increasingly interconnected and available. Many health care providers

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Common Cybersecurity Concerns: 4 Password Management Best Practices

Cyber attacks affected 765 million people last April, May, and June alone. The resulting financial losses were more than tens of millions of dollars. Everyone should focus on password security. Better passwords are vital for protecting personal and corporate information. Keep reading for 4 password management best practices. Use them

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Networks – From My New Book

Hello Everyone.  This week I wanted to share with you a excerpt from my new book, “Small Business Technology Simplified.”  This section is all about networks and the hardware that make them work for small businesses.  If you would like a copy of the book

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Cybersecurity Relative To Small Businesses 

We often read about the security breaches of data in large corporations. In these breaches, personal information of consumers is leaked and makes headlines. But have you ever given thought to the security of Small Businesses against hackers? Although this is a regular occurrence, it doesn’t receive much

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Impact of Increasing Data Breaches

Impact of increasing data breaches by large companies Last Wednesday, Amazon revealed that the personal information of some of its customers was compromised, with names and email addresses being disclosed due to what was deemed a technical error. This is the latest in a long

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Elements of a Good Web Design

A website serves as your virtual business. Aside from providing information about your company, your products and your services, it also functions to facilitate the delivery of your products and services particularly to those engage in software products. As a marketing tool however, your business

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