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Do NOT Send Money!

We’ve received a few calls this week from concerned customers asking whether they need to send iDNS money to renew their domain name registration.  Then we received one for one of our domains today as well.  The answer is emphatically, “NO!”. We at iSTAM consider

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Why is my computer so slow? (series 2)

Certainly one of the most common questions we hear is, “Why is my computer so slow?”  While the answer is almost impossible to affirm without investigation, there are some things that will slow every computer down over time, and some things you can do about

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Grow Yourself, Your Team, and Your Profits!

REAL Life Community Church in Richmond KY will be hosting the live stream event, EntreLeadership 1-Day on Wednesday October 19th, 2016 from 8:50-4:30pm. Last year I had the awesome privilege to attend the EntreLeadership 1-Day event in Louisville KY.  I can honestly say that this

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How important is your web site?

What about the Phone Book? Hopefully by now your business has completely stopped all print directory advertising (Yellow Pages), since the percentage of people who actually open them before throwing them in the trash is less than 30%.  In addition, the phone companies still charge

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Are Video Cameras Worth It?

Some of our customers utilize video camera surveillance in their homes and businesses, but the question I would like to address is whether or not it is worth the expense.  Well it kind of depends on your business type, and revenue, or does it? Cost First

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Tell Your Money Where to Go!

This post is a little different than most of the iSTAM Posts in that it deals more with financial and business matters rather than technology specifically.  I think that it will be great information for you, and I will plug our upcoming training class at the end

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Urgent – Uninstall Quicktime

Many of our customers have QuickTime installed on their computers, and it is now considered a security risk.  On 4/14/16 the US-CERT recommended the removal of QuickTime from all Windows workstations.  Apple announced that they are no longer supporting QuickTime in any way, which means

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What is an MSP?

MSP vs. Break/fix MSP simply stands for “managed service provider” and really refers to the preferred pricing structure and business model of some IT companies.  Traditionally there have been two basic types of computer service companies; “Break/Fix”, and “Managed Services”.  Break/Fix companies respond when some part

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Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Why is Windows 10 FREE? We get this question all the time since Microsoft released their “nagware” update that puts a little icon next to the clock, that pops up often and tries to get users to upgrade to Windows 10.  While we have had

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What is SEO?

Now that you have a web site, you may be feeling like it isn’t doing you any good.  Well, it could be because people are not able to find it in search engine search results. When people are looking for a particular good or service,

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