Am I protected against the latest Malware threats?

Am I protected against the latest Malware threats?

One of our Complete Managed Services customers recently asked us what protections they had against the recent outbreaks of ransom-ware and malware attacks.  While no solution or service can guarantee complete protection, I had a strong sense of satisfaction as I wrote the response trying to include everything we were doing to protect them….

“Every workstation and the server is protected by iSAFE security anti-virus and monitoring. Server Data is currently backed up on-site and off-site daily, workstation documents will be backed up off site soon. We actively check and monitor backups, and install security patches on all workstations. Your Internet access is filtered against any suspicious or known malware distribution sites. Your email is filtered at the server level (Office 365), and at the desktop. Staff has had one training with us and we’ll do more this year.”

That was my quick response which didn’t include the active monitoring steps we take.  For instance we are logging in remotely tonight to uninstall some java update software that was recently flagged as a potential risk.

What protections do you have in place?

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