iSAFE IT Badge

We’ve created the iSAFE IT Badge program as a fun and interactive way to encourage cybersecurity awareness and participation for our clients and their employees.  The iSAFE IT Badge is awarded to individuals who demonstrate excellent cybersecurity awareness, adherence to IT related policies, or perform technical troubleshooting tasks like a pro.  

Each week we select an individual recipient of the IT Badge and feature them on social media and our web site.  Here are some of our most recent winners!!

Past Winners

Kim Smyth - Winchester First Church of God

Kim helped us reset phones several times because we were having a scripting issue, setup remote access on her Mac that allowed access to the network so we could provision the phones. Everything working OK now thanks to Kim's help. Great Job Kim! 

Sarah Melanson - Horn and Associates in Rehabilitation, PLLC

Sarah identified a very convincing spear phishing attempt that appeared to come from us. She did not click on any links but forwarded the message to us for verification and we confirmed that it was a phishing attempt. Great Job Sarah!

Tish Shupe - Accu-Tax Inc.

Tish identified phishing/scam emails and sent them to us for confirmation. She helped to protect her company by looking into a HTML attached fax that she wasn't expecting from an unknown number. Well done, Tish! Glad to know that even in this busy tax season you're looking out for customer security!

Kirsten Clingerman - Homeplace Support Services

Kirsten did an amazing job at remotely troubleshooting with our technician. She was able to correctly connect monitors and verify that each monitor was functional.

Taylor Joseph - Horn and Associates in Rehabilitation, PLLC

Taylor helped us troubleshoot an issue with a server which required verification of power to the server, turning it on, finding a monitor, connecting the monitor, logging in to the server, and selecting restore options. Within in 25 minutes we had the server operational again which saved her organization potentially hours of downtime. She has also identified scam calls and contacted us with specific details to help keep her company safe.

Peggy Putman - Orion Metco

Peggy has been doing a great job at submitting tickets that include detailed information about the issue and including screen shots. The more detail we get, the faster we can troubleshoot and resolve issues for our customers. Great Job Peggy! You have been going above and beyond to make sure your organization stays functional and productive.

Sally Spencer - Accu-Tax Inc.

Sally identified multiple phishing attempts and forwarded them to us for verification. She continues to keep her office and customers safe even during the busy tax season. Great job Sally!

Courtney Turner - Bluegrass Community Foundation

Courtney identified a convincing looking phishing email and sent it to our support team for review before clicking on any links. We encourage all of our customers to check with us if any email looks suspicious.

Janet Dollar - Homeplace Support Services

Janet recognized a fraudulent attempt to make changes to an ACH payroll deposit and contacted the requester and verified that the request was fake. That one simple extra step prevented a cybercriminal from stealing money from the organization! Later that day a legitimate request from a different employee came in, and naturally she verified with the end user that it was a real request. Great job Janet!

Courtney Turner - Bluegrass Community Foundation

Samantha Tolson of Winchester Feed Company masterfully multitasked, running the feed store while helping us trouble shoot tech issues! Thanks to great customers like her we were able to get things quickly resolved!

Interested in the Program?

Would you like your employee featured for the IT Badge of the Week? Tell us about something they’ve done that has helped your company’s IT Security or Performance.