White House Warns Companies of Russian Cyberattacks

Recently, President Joe Biden, warned companies in the United States to guard themselves against Russian cyberattacks. “Evolving intelligence” from the U.S. shows that Russia may launch attacks against America, as the war in Ukraine continues. The federal government has urged businesses to upgrade their coverage. Biden told CEO’s that they have a “patriotic obligation” to improve their systems.

There has been repeated warning from the White House long before the war in Ukraine began, but now there is a new threat and emphasis. There isn’t intelligence that suggest the specific attack Russia plans to use but there has been an increase in “preparatory activity,” such as hunting for vulnerabilities and scanning websites.

Biden’s top cybersecurity aide, Anne Neuberger said, “We’re not looking for a conflict with Russia. If Russia initiates a cyberattack against the United States, we will respond.”

So, what can your company do? Every organization should be running Anti-virus protection on every workstation, including Mac computers.  You should also have web protection/filtering in place, inside of a hardened hardware firewall.  All your computers should be updated on a regular schedule to minimize or eliminate known vulnerabilities.  Your critical data should be backed up, on and off-site, every day.  This will help you avoid delays and vulnerability to ransomware. All of these things are included in our Managed Services plans.  https://www.isafecomplete.com/services/complete-managed-services/

Some additional steps you can take would include enabling multifactor authentication. This will delay any attempts at hacking and alert you to unusual activity.  Any staff member that uses computer technology should also be trained regularly on how to avoid malware and fishing attacks.

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