The Rise of Cyber Security Threats During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Did you know that cyber crime is estimated to increase to over $6 trillion by 2021? But with the recent events concerning the global pandemic, these costs are forecasting at a much quicker pace. Whether you own your own business or use a computer at home, one thing is for certain: you don’t want to be a victim of the recent cyber attacks. As the world faces the unprecedented health of COVID-19, the pandemic has unleashed a large amount of cyber security threats around the globe. Here’s what you need to know.

Cyber Security Threats and COVID-19

While everyone is taking the proper precautions in order to protect themselves from COVID-19, citizens should also cautious of the recent rise of cyber security threats. Through avenues such as phishing, cyber criminals will send harmful emails in attempt to capture sensitive information.

What to Look out for

Let’s face it. Citizens all over the world have questions regarding the current pandemic. But while everyone is frantic for answers, criminals are using this as leverage to send emails that look like they’re from trusted organizations such as the CDC and World Health Organization. While it’s hard to keep track of how many cyber security threats there are out there, security companies have seen a steady increase in attacks since the start of the pandemic. And because work-from-home jobs have increased, cyber criminals are taking advantage of unprotected systems that can give them access to the sensitive data they need.

Actions to Take

Taking the necessary precautions in order to ensure your information is safe is vital during this time. Here is a list of actions to take in order to avoid cyber security threats during COVID-19:

  • Warn Employees Now more than ever it’s important to send out informational material to your employees about phishing emails. Offer training to help them avoid phishing attacks.
  • Guard Information Whether you just began working from home or have been doing it for a while, it’s important to remember to safeguard all sensitive data. Be sure to review the requirements of data handling in order to ensure you are being protected from cyber threats.
  • Go over incident protocols If you have recently received a malicious email, immediately flag it. Once you do so, you have the ability to escalate it so a team of experts may take the necessary steps to remove the email effectively.


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