What is a “Project”

A Project is service that we provide that is not typically covered in an SLA agreement… in other words, this costs extra.  However, we do our best to price our services in such a way that “projects” are few and far between.  I think you will be surprised at what we “cover” for our prices.

What is a Project?

Project + hardware:  Customer replaces existing server with new server.

Project:  Customer calls in requesting support for a device that is not in the list of covered devices included in the SLA Agreement.  However if the per-user pricing model is used, all devices used by the customer are covered.

Project:  Customer fails to adhere to the Security policy provided by the Service Provider and gets a virus on their computer that has to be cleaned and restored.

Project:  The Customer needs to place two computers in offices that do not have network connections and asks the Service Provider to run new network lines into those offices.

Project:  Customer requests 25 or more new employees be setup on the server, or third party system during a single billing period indicating a major change in the business.

Project:  Customer needs to add a new server to manage their database software.

Project:  Customer and/or Service Provider decides that one or all of the computers need upgraded operating systems in order to run the latest version of their accounting software.

What is Covered?

Covered:  Semi-annual employee training is included with all SLA’s and is required in most agreements.  Employee training includes up to 1 hour of on-site training every 6 months.

Covered:  All SLA’s include unlimited backup for servers, and user document backup (up to 10GB) on each workstation.  Monitoring of off-site backups, and local backups for servers is included.

Covered:  Web protection filters web site content against known malicious sites.  It can also be used to filter web sites or content based upon categories such as “productivity loss”, “abusive content”, language, or other parameters.

Covered:  Anti-virus protection is included for all covered and supported devices in the SLA.

Covered:  Patch management is included in all SLA agreements.

Covered:  On-site support is included when absolutely necessary but should be considered an option of last resort.  Some on-site support may be included in the SLA for training, maintenance or other specified tasks.

Covered:  Remote support is provided Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm and is included in all SLA agreements.  After hours support may be included in the SLA. 

Covered:  Email support is provided Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Covered:  Telephone support is provided between 9am and 5pm Monday – Friday and is included in all SLA’s.  After hours support is provided based upon SLA specifications.

Covered:  Cameras that are included in SLA that need to be cleaned or refocused is covered.

Covered:  Customer adheres to the Security policy provided by the Service Provider and still gets a virus on their computer that has to be cleaned and restored.

Covered:  The secretary has an issue saving files to the server, and setting the margins in their document as desired.

Covered:  The Internet goes down and the Service Provider has to call, wait on hold for an hour, troubleshoot with an ISP technician, send someone on site, meet with the vendor who ultimately replaces the modem and resolves the issue.

Covered + Hardware: Customer needs to add a new computer to their network for their new employee.  While hardware and additional device charges are not covered, the setup and configuration of the software is covered under our agreements.

Covered + Hardware: Service Provider or Customer finds a weakness or failure in existing network hardware that cannot be resolved and requires the purchase of new network hardware in order provide the best possible service and security for the Customer.

Covered:  Customer requests 24 or less new employees be setup on the server, or third party system indicating a minor change in the business.

Covered + Hardware:  Customer’s computer fails and requires a new hard drive, operating system restored, software installed, and reconfigured for their employee to use.  The cost of the replacement hard drive will be billed to the Customer.

Covered:  Service Provider spends extra time troubleshooting and resolving issues with the existing operating system so that the accounting software works as expected.

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