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All too often we see businesses that use each and every workstation until it completely crashes beyond repair.  What they fail to realize is that as a computer ages, it gradually gets slower.  Whether that is because the software updates and hardware doesn’t, because of all the clutter that builds up on the workstation over time, or part of a grand conspiracy to gradually make the computers run slower so you have to buy new ones… I don’t know.

The end result for the business however, is exactly the same.  What could take 30 seconds to do, now takes 3 minutes to do, and the cost of that down time ads up to hours of lost payroll every year.

The bottom line is that payroll is and should be your greatest expense.  Using those slow and aging computers is like sending a lumber jack out with a dull ax.  If you’re paying by the hour, you want that ax to be as sharp as possible.  Likewise, you should want your computers to be as fast as possible, so your employees can get more work done, in less time, with much less frustration.

If you are keeping those dull axes around, you are not alone.  In fact most of our customers have at least one of those computers hanging around that need to be replaced.  That’s why we’ve simplified the process of ordering and replacing them for our customers.

Instead of spending hours shopping and customizing systems, wondering if you are getting the best deal, with the right specifications, we’ve created a generic computer system on our web site.  We’ve already taken into consideration everything that small businesses need to get the most performance for the least amount of money.  You won’t get a computer, install it, and then find out that you don’t have the right operating system, or not enough memory.  We’ve already taken all those things into consideration.  The only decision you have to make is if you need monitors and how many.

Finally, the end of each year is a great time to invest in the tools you and your employees need for work because computer hardware is a tax deductible expense.

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